Maker Page

Welcome to our Maker Page! We love ❤️ our makers at Schoolhouse. We strongly believe in supporting local artists and makers of all ages and find that your work/art helps to build the sense of community we strive for at Schoolhouse. We're a small shop and while we wish we had space for all of you, we take our time selecting makers we think fit our aesthetic well. Please read our criteria below and if you are interested in being considered, fill out and submit our form. Accepted Makers will be contacted within 4 weeks of form submission. We will schedule a meeting in store and plan when your works of art will be featured. Schoolhouse will receive 30% of sales per month. If you have any questions, please email us  

Schoolhouse Makers are/ will be:
  • Given 2 months to sell in store; at close of 2 months, we will review and create plan for moving forward
  • Subject to discussion with Cortney and Tiffany regarding color scheme, product line options and pricing that fit the Schoolhouse Fallston themes and vibe
  • Paid out at the end of each month you are stocked in-store
  • Posting to social 2X/ month highlighting your product in shop. Schoolhouse Fallston will be doing the same
As of June 2024, unfortunately we are not accepting applications for:
  • Crocheted items
  • Beaded bracelets 
Thank you for your time and submission!
The Schoolhouse Team